Britain's Got Talent...Audition!

Hi guys!

Haven't been on here for a while! I've been given an audition for Britain's Got Talent, and thinking about going for it, but thought you guys may be able to give me some comments!

Here is a link to a recording i've made :)

Any constructive feedback or song suggestions welcome, i've just never had singing lessons or done this before so it's a bit new to me! Just hope you enjoy it!

Random Crap

I would like to post here. this will be my first community not be pointless I shall be random:


I love dogs :) they dont all love me but most dogs do!!! One dog bit me in the face....but thats not important at all. What is important that you are not wasting your random time on some random dog story, NO I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

I am fighting for you !!!! 


Questin for you!!!

Actually I have a question for you , I like to make funny or serious stories...but I want to do it as a assignment please give me some subjects or scenery or whatever to go on...and I will write it ! If only 1 person even gives me something I will write if 100 persons do so, I will write also (only not so long stories) If 1000 people do it , I will still fight for you and write these damn stories!!!


What do you say ???? Are you in ??

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New email group looking for members

My name's Cash and I've created a new email group that's looking for members. Dynamic is a random, activity-based RTA that will hopefully become a very close-knit group of people. RTAs are for the most part pretty unheard of, so I've included some basic information about them.

What is an RTA/how does it work?

- An RTA is basically an email group.
- Members of the RTA send email about a variety of different things & all email is responded to using the "reply to all" button rather than just "reply". This means that everyone gets each email sent, so everyone can join in with conversations.
- Emails can be about anything. Personal emails about goings on in your life are important, but you can also send out emails sharing things that you like, asking questions, etc.
- In an activity based RTA, there will be emails with different things to do, like sharing pictures, recommending websites, talking about various things, answering survery questions and so on.
- Each RTA has an "owner" that will maintain the list, add new members and take responsibility for sending out new emails and activities when email is slow.
- Usually, an RTA will require anyone wishing to join to fill in an application to join. This is mostly just to make sure that you understand what an RTA involves and to find out a little bit about you.
- RTAs can take up a lot of time and need people that will be active. If you will only be able to check your email once every couple of weeks then RTAs are not for you. You may receive a large amount of email. It is possible during busy times to get 20+ emails a day - please do not respond if you know you will not be able to keep up with this.


Thanks for reading! If you're interested and think you can spare the time needed to join, please email me - cashcameo[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send you an application form (remember this is just so I know you understand &can find out a little about you, don't be scared!). If you need to ask any questions then please do so.
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The Money Mark (GOOD NEWS!)

I posted here a few months ago about my sandwich. My big, huge, gigantic, 2,406-calorie, makes-you-want-to-die sandwich... My sandwich is called the "Money Mark" and I think that it's SO GOOD that last time I announced that I made a website dedicated to that very fact. I wanted to spread the good word about the deliciousness.

It was generally well recieved, and people were pretty excited about it, so I thought i'd come back here with some good news for iPhone and iPod touch users...
I made an app for iPhones and iPod Touches. It lists the ingredients, recipe and includes an instructional video. Basically, everything that's on the website is included in this app.

Here's a DIRECT iTunes link (this will launch iTunes)

Please note that i'm not making a dime off of any of this and have nothing to sell. I'm just letting everybody know that there is AN AMAZING sandwich that exists out there in the world, and if you want to take a few hours off your life, eat a Money Mark.

Sex Dungeon for Sale!

This is a hilarious book featuring a bunch of wild short stories. The title story is about a real estate agent trying to sell a house with a sex dungeon and it gives new meaning to the term "Rumpus Room."
One features the dude who sang "Rico Suave" selling his kidneys to support a $100-a-day doorag habit. My favorite was the self-help guide story, "Chicken Soup for the Kidnapper's Soul". It was hilarious, short and only ten bucks on Amazon.

Wensink sound kind of like Chuck Palahniuk or Kurt Vonnegut.
Fans of those two, or just weird stuff in general will dig this book.

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The other day I was in Africa. I walked through a herd of antelope: it was near dusk, and my every footstep was deliberate and calm; birds flew through the air around me, gusts of wind whipped locks of my long dark hair across my face, the tall Savannah grass swayed like waves of an ocean. Every miniscule movement of every organism I was able to sense: the birds pruning their nests made the most delicate rustling noises—the insects underneath the ground made soft squirming sounds—the antelopes’ chewing of grass was distinctly audible as though I had my ear right by their mouths. I started dancing—a slow, sensual dance. I took off all my clothes, and the animals directed their gaze to my young, supple body. The sinewy flesh of my muscles writhed beneath my taunt skin, the veins bulged from my arms and chest and abs. All the animals of the Savannah started to move with the rhythm of my beat. My manhood was erect—my limbs felt like fire, a strong desire burned within me. Slowly, smoothly, I danced around a tree. The herd of antelope formed a circle around me and started digging into the ground with their hooves. They were so excited by my awesome moves; my fancy-pants moves put them into a crazy antelope trance. I closed my eyes—and as I did so, all of time and space boiled through a nexus in my mind. All time and power were now under my control—I had supreme knowledge of the universe. But it was too much to handle! My sanity started to spiral out of control; one moment I was completely sane, and the next I was crazy; then I was a tad bit crazy, but mostly sane; then I was sort of sane, but mostly out of my mind. And then I blacked out.

…When I awoke, I was in China. I was lying naked in the middle of a busy town. There were no cars, only Chinamen walking briskly by. I could tell that this was ancient China, and these were ancient Chinamen. I noticed that they all had antelope-size horns jutting from their foreheads—and as I looked into their eyes, I noticed a demonic hue of red that gave me the goose-flesh all over my body. When the Chinamen smiled, they revealed a mouthful of sharp fangs. It was then that I noticed their long tails ending with a point like an arrowhead. Ancient Demonic Chinamen I said to myself, as I stood up from my prone position on the dirt. The most wretched of all creatures in the Universe; they wantonly kill and maim and destroy, and pillage and rape and kill. But they all have day jobs, and a good work ethic. As I strut through the streets of Ancient Demonic China, a smooth techno beat started playing—and I couldn’t help but to sensually dance to the rhythm. Suddenly, a dog came out of nowhere and licked my naked leg: his name was Lou, and he became my lifelong companion, never leaving my side no matter how dangerous our situation.

New Releases from Belles Productions

Newly released from Belles Productions for the holidays:

The Ultimate Fireplace DVD - a virtual fireplace with 18 options:

The Jingle Belles DVD - a fireplace DVD with a twist - sexy girls stoke the fire

The Jingle Boys DVD - a fireplace DVD with a twist - sexy boys stoke the fire

The Ultimate Menorah DVD - a virtual menorah for Chanukah

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Jarah and Olivia

So I wrote a story about two women being attracted to each other and used sims 3 as a catalyst. Read it or don't. If one person reads it I'll be happy.

Yes, I'm going to put a warning here because while hiding under the bed covers and having pillow fights is all well and good I was going for a more realistic romance. It's intended for an adult audience and there is nudity.