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New email group looking for members

My name's Cash and I've created a new email group that's looking for members. Dynamic is a random, activity-based RTA that will hopefully become a very close-knit group of people. RTAs are for the most part pretty unheard of, so I've included some basic information about them.

What is an RTA/how does it work?

- An RTA is basically an email group.
- Members of the RTA send email about a variety of different things & all email is responded to using the "reply to all" button rather than just "reply". This means that everyone gets each email sent, so everyone can join in with conversations.
- Emails can be about anything. Personal emails about goings on in your life are important, but you can also send out emails sharing things that you like, asking questions, etc.
- In an activity based RTA, there will be emails with different things to do, like sharing pictures, recommending websites, talking about various things, answering survery questions and so on.
- Each RTA has an "owner" that will maintain the list, add new members and take responsibility for sending out new emails and activities when email is slow.
- Usually, an RTA will require anyone wishing to join to fill in an application to join. This is mostly just to make sure that you understand what an RTA involves and to find out a little bit about you.
- RTAs can take up a lot of time and need people that will be active. If you will only be able to check your email once every couple of weeks then RTAs are not for you. You may receive a large amount of email. It is possible during busy times to get 20+ emails a day - please do not respond if you know you will not be able to keep up with this.


Thanks for reading! If you're interested and think you can spare the time needed to join, please email me - cashcameo[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send you an application form (remember this is just so I know you understand &can find out a little about you, don't be scared!). If you need to ask any questions then please do so.

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