combomix (combomix) wrote in random_crap,

Random Crap

I would like to post here. this will be my first community not be pointless I shall be random:


I love dogs :) they dont all love me but most dogs do!!! One dog bit me in the face....but thats not important at all. What is important that you are not wasting your random time on some random dog story, NO I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

I am fighting for you !!!! 


Questin for you!!!

Actually I have a question for you , I like to make funny or serious stories...but I want to do it as a assignment please give me some subjects or scenery or whatever to go on...and I will write it ! If only 1 person even gives me something I will write if 100 persons do so, I will write also (only not so long stories) If 1000 people do it , I will still fight for you and write these damn stories!!!


What do you say ???? Are you in ??


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