Looking for help :D

Hi guys!
I don't know how many of you have listened to The Gummy Bear song, but...
well, here are four guys dancing to it in a funny and stupid way
It was a school activity and now we need to get 50000 views...
so, if you could click this we'd be really grateful : )


And if you're feeling nice enough you could make other people watch it!
...yeah right xD

Thanks in advance!


Pocket Monica Jump Jupm Chess: A Pokemon/Trouble knockoff!

While looking a thrift store, my girlfriend and I stumbled upon Pocket Monica Jump Jupm Chess. We posted a picture on thrifthorror and after a few requests for us to go back and get it, we put it up on EBay. So here it is, two rip-offs in one: Pocket Monica Jump Jupm Chess, a Pokemon version of Trouble with added Engrish hilarity.

More Pocket Monica pics below the cutCollapse )

Bid here! Bidding starts at $2.99

Cross-posted a bunch of places. Find Pocket Monica a home!

Shipping is now only $5! I couldn't edit it on the auction, but I'll refund you the difference. I'm going to Seattle this weekend, so I can send it from there for much cheaper.

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    Hey all!! I'm in an online contest and I would love your help! Please vote or just look and leave feedback. If I win the contest I win a trip to New York!!!!  Here is the link! Feel free to join the site and add me as a friend, we can chat that way too! 


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