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Insanity is practically a prerequisite...

insanity is practically a prerequisite . . .
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Well, this is a community for pretty much anything. It was created by bored people, for bored people. Share poems, lyrics, quotes, thoughts, memories . . . anything - yours or someone else's (though, do give credit where it is due). Just keep it tasteful and nice.

If the post is really long, please be kind and use an lj-cut tag. There's info in lj's FAQ on how to use this.

Otherwise, settle in, make yourself at home, and feel free to speak up.

Cross-promotion is allowed, but each member is limited to one cross-promotion post a month. You may cross-promote as many different communities/websites/whatever in your one post, but you may not make another promo post until a full month has passed. As well, ANY images must be LJ-cut along with any text that brings the ad to over 20 lines in length. Furthermore, promotion journals are not allowed to use this community to spam. I have no problem with actual MEMBERS cross-promoting, but these journals which are used for nothing more than pimping other communities contribute nothing of worth to my community. I don't request that all members contribute before promoting, but it should at least be a true journal that is doing the posting. Comments must be left on; if you're going to promote, let's at least allow it to become a topic of conversation should someone want to talk about it. A reciprocal plug in your community is appreciated but not, at this time, required.
Any posts not conforming to this rule will be promptly removed. If you notice a post that breaks this rule and hasn't been removed, you may contact me via email (debbo@livejournal.com) or by commenting on this post or at my personal journal.

Community moderator: debbo - leave me a comment in my LJ or email me at the above address if you have any questions/concerns about the community.
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